2012-09-30 South Ridge of Mt. Superior

An impromptu gChat message from Alex around 4:30 this afternoon had me in the car and headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  He suggested the South Face of Mt. Superior.  Since the route is only 5.2 and only in a few spots, we’d be going light and fast, no gear save but a headlamp and light jacket.  Around 5:30pm and at ~8,000 ft we headed up.  Alex quickly out paced me and my out of shapeness, but I’ll blame it on sucking the thick, oxygen heavy air of New Haven just seven days ago…hmmm yeah let’s go with that as an excuse.  Any way once we got to the technical climbing we got back in sync.  The climbing was fun, a little exposed in a few spots but over all just great and comfortable.  We topped out (11,132 ft) in about 2 hours from the car and were back down in another 1.5 hours under the full moon.  

I think this might make a fun winter route as well.