2014 Utah Ski Visit

View west towards Mt. Superior from Alta.

February 21-22, 2014

Another short, sweet, and very tardy post.  Things have been extremely busy and I can’t seem to get all the things I need to do done in a day before it gets too late.  Hopefully this improves soon.

Drew, Christina, and Ben came out to visit and do a little skiing with Carly and me.  We didn’t get conditions as good as last year’s Utah Ski trip but they were still good, with some fresh stuff on Saturday.  This year we hit Snowbird Friday, though I only got a few runs before taking a big fall and breaking my pole.  Saturday we visited Alta which had some really nice conditions and trails.  I’ll definitely get back up there soon.  Sunday we went to PCMR and were able to make a few runs with my friend Kristin who’s a patroler there.  She showed us a great steep bowl that required a short hike.

As always when friends come out to visit, it was great time and I’m happy to live in a destination location that attracks them here.  I doubt my charming attitude would bring them to visit if I lived in Kansas.