2020-08-04 South Ridge of Superior

Weekday life revolves around waking, eating, and working for the most part these days. When there’s no travel to an office it often simultaneously feels like there’s more and less time in the day. I think a commute to a physical office imposes some structure and constraint on time and as a result some amount of focus is required to not waste it and still get all the minutiae of life in. When the commute is gone so to is that constraint and the focus. While I would not argue that I’d like to start commuting 45 minutes each way to really distill what I do in a day, I wouldn’t mind an office to go to 1-2 days a week. Certainly if for nothing else other than some more social interaction.

I still firmly believe that the biggest silver lining, at least for working professionals, about the pandemic is companies where/are forced to work from home. While selling off all office real estate isn’t the next step, there certainly is a need to understand where the optimal balance for workers and companies sits in the blend of work from home and work in an office life.

To break up our routine Carly and I did a lap up the South Ridge of Superior on Tuesday. As per usual the temps were 20 degrees cooler, the sun is behind the ridge for the hiking part of the approach, and the views of the setting sun were awesome. No record breaking time, but just fun enjoying the experience.

Nature & Hiking

2020 Wyoming Road Trip

June 27 thru July 5, 2020

Carly and I had started planning a big road trip to the Pacific Northwest this summer. Obviously, circumstances in the world, not to mention specifically in the US prevented from considering that trip to be prudent to take this year. My new job started at the beginning of July and so we opted to take shorter trip to Wyoming the last few days of June and over the 4th of July.

Nature & Hiking Photography

2020-05-30 Beat the Heat in the Uintas

May 30-31, 2020

The weather in the Salt Lake Valley is starting it inexorable crawl up the thermometer. Saturday saw the highest average temp ([max+min]/2) in May thus far recorded. We decided to beat the heat and get a quick trip to the Unitas where the temperatures were in the mid 70’s. We left Saturday afternoon and went to the Wolf Creek side of the area to avoid what we thought might be a busy weekend. Some of the higher areas and roads are still wet, muddy, or impassable because of snow. Anything below 9000′ seemed fine though. We only camped, ran, and did some exploring.

Climbing Nature & Hiking

2020-05 Memorial Day Weekend at Notch Peak

May 23 thru 25, 2020

We ventured out for the holiday weekend. Opting to stay relatively close, we went to the west desert of Utah again. Fortunately, a front was planned to pass through Utah on Friday afternoon and evening and make temperatures very pleasant in the desert for this time of year. Leaving Friday afternoon after packing up the van we got passed Nephi and started to hit some gusty winds and foreboding looking clouds. The clouds turned out to be a dust storm and not much rain. Driving wasn’t too bad though it was a bit dark and the cross gusts kept me alert at the wheel.


2020-05 COVID-19 Part 3

It has been a few weeks since the previous installment of this largely pointless exercise. We’ve been doing about the same things, for the most part, aside from the last two weekends. More baking, much more. Caly and I each have healthy sourdough starters going and as a result there’s no shortage of bread around. Various offshoots such as pancakes, pita bread, zeppoles, have been made too.