Welcome to the new!

If you've been to in the past I'm sure you've noticed that there have been some major changes.  Back at the beginning of my senior year of college I registered this domain name and constructed the site which you're used to.  That was back in 2001.

Many things have changed since then, I've obviously finished school and had a few jobs since then.  Because of this I've had less time to really know what is going on in the web.  Blogs, forums, and a whole host of other technologies have surfaced to mainstream since then.

I've halfheartedly wanted to update my site to keep it current but I just haven't had the time.  Late in 2006 I purchased another digital camera,  the first being back in 2000.  That camera showed its usefulness in its near zero feedback loop to how the image looked.  Unfortunately the quality of that camera was terrible and I quickly switched back to my film camera.  My new camera is a near digital copy of my film camera and negative/slide scanner.  With the purchase of this new camera, I knew that a new website would be in order.  My near decade old method of posting images to the web was quite obviously outdated.  My old computer which predated,, was obsolete long ago.  This should have been obvious to me when I found, just recently, a file that I started outlining a "new" computer that was dated 2003.

Therefore, a perfect storm of reasons have prompted me to overhaul my PC as well as my website (well that and a discount with Dell through work).  Hopefully this new site, powered by open source, feature rich software such as Joomla! and Gallery 2, will give me enough flexibility to keep this site going for a long time to come.  Over the next few weeks the site will be maturing into a fully running, Content Managed website so bear with me.  But please contact me if you find something that isn't working.

Hope you enjoy the site!