Snow Squalls during Ragged Mtn. Hike

The weather took a turn for the colder end of the thermometer which created some snow squalls conditions this weekend.  After working on our climbing research project, I leave Mike D’s house to do a little hike and photography session at Ragged Mtn.  I parked at the usual dam spot and headed up to the base of the cliff.  Not many photographic opportunities presented themselves to me so I followed the Blue Trail over the top of the cliff.  At the top I had a pretty good view as usual.  The wind was something fierce, maybe around 25-30 with some gusts that actually pushed me around.  Because of the wind the clearly visible snow squalls on the horizon moved in quickly.  I was glad I dressed properly and had some layers on otherwise I would have froze. 
After the squalls passed I headed out towards Small Cliff and Owl’s Lair.  I’ve never really seen these cliffs so I thought it would be good to check them out for climbing potential.  Small Cliff is pretty obviously right on the Blue Trail.  Owl’s Lair is a little farther down the ridge and a little less obvious to find.  I wasn’t all that impressed with the climbing potential at these two places, especially since Main Cliff is close by.  Both of these smaller cliffs are less than 50ft and don’t seem to have much to offer.
My short hike came in around three hours and was a good excursion into the outdoors, something I haven’t done since my trip to Hong Kong.  Good times.