Canadian Grand Prix 2008

The 2008 season of Formula 1 has brought a number of changes to the regulations governing the sport.  The most significant of which is the restriction on traction control on the cars.  For all three of my visits to the Canadian GP I’ve been in the same corner.  I didn’t really want that but it just turned out that way.  In 2006 and 2007 the corner was pretty boring.  It is a little chicane, starting with a left-hander.  In the middle of the chicane in ’06-’07 it was clear from the sound of the engines that traction control was in full effect.  The engines would pop as they cut power to prevent wheel spin.  This year was a different story.  In the first few minutes of qualifying cars were sliding and losing traction.  In short, this year the corner was much more fun to watch.  There were two significant crashes just on the exit to my corner.  Mark Webber at the end of Q2 which was weird because he was easily making it into Q3.  And Alonso during the race crashed and had to retire to the course marshal station for the rest of the race.
Racing day itself was great.  The weather was similar to the previous, hot and sunny.  There was some relief on raceday with some clouds and a stiff breeze, but I still got a little sun.  Liberal use of sunscreen was in order.  Even though Hamilton got the pole it was clear he was on a three pit race and light on fuel.  Robert Kubica was right behind him in 2nd.  The race was going well even with Hamilton getting a lead on Kubica early.  Then a crash caused the safety car to come out and let everyone catch back up with Hamilton.  At the end of the safety car, which lasted at least 3-4 laps All four of the top runner went into the pits for a mad dash.  Kubica and Raikonnen were nose to nose coming out of their respective garages.  However the light at the end of the pit lane was red which prompted them to stop.  Hamilton, not paying attention didn’t see them and ran into the back of Raikonnen, retiring them both.  Kimi was none to pleased about that.  One of the funniest moments was when they got out of the cars and Kimi pointed to the light and slapped Hamilton on the back as if to say, “Hey dumbass!”  Kubica in all of this got away scott-free.  This allowed him to take it relatively easy win.  There were a few times that he wasn’t running out front but only because of pit schedule.  In the end the Pole took the win and became the first from his country to do so.
The race was very entertaining and I’m torn about going back next year.  It is a fun weekend but I’ve been three years in a row.  I may channel the funds used for the trip into something overseas.  Time will tell.  
Pictures from this year are a little weak as far as the racing goes.  Our seats were significantly lower on the grandstands and we had a fence between us and the track.  Last year we were much higher up and didn’t have that problem.  As such I’ve only got a few pictures of F1. I was able to move to higher ground for the Formula BMW race though.  Enjoy.