White Mountains, Zealand Falls Hiking

Chrystal had another retreat for her summer internship on July 18-20.  The trip was again to the AMC huts in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  This year the trip was to the Zealand Falls hut which is much closer to the parking area than last year’s trip.  However unlike last year we got some precipitation on the hike in.  About .2 of a mile from the hut we were hit with some heavy rain.  While the temps were well into the 80’s back in Connecticut, it was a comfortable, but humid mid 60’s up in the mountains.  Our stuff didn’t have much of a chance to dry out because of the humidity and the constant threat of rain.  Despite the weather it was comfortable. 

The hut wasn’t quite as nice as last years but the surroundings were much better so it evened out.  As its name suggests there is a waterfall near the Zealand Falls hut.  This came in great because it was nice to hang out and catch the view above and sip some scotch.  The water also came in handy for washing up and cooling off a little after hiking. The hike on Saturday was a nice little hike to Mt. Guyot. Most of the hike was within the trees but the summit did peak above the treeline which was nice.

It was a fun weekend and I think Chrystal, despite some of the pictures you see here, had a good time.  She did a great job on the hikes and I think it will be easier to get her out next time.