Thor's Hammer

Mike D, Ben Hein and I made and assault on Thor’s Hammer 5.9 at East Peak on a hot but beautiful day in August.  This was Mike and I’s first time this season on the route.  Ben was tackling it for the first time.  After the three of us set up the climbing rope and a rapple rope with some minor difficulty we got set for the first ascent.  I climbed first while Mike snapped some shots from the adjacent rapple rope.
I was the guinea pig because I climbed in full sun which was tough.  The route proved to be challenging as usual and also very rewarding.  It has a great mix of light crack climbing with bomber laybacks and small feet.  The exposure is exilerating but it wasn’t as big an issue as last year during my first ever run up the Hammer.  After the laybacks, two roofs but be traversed using fist jams, Mike and Ben, or underclings as I did.  After both roofs are some good rests.  The climb finishes out with a comfortably sided chimney.
While we spent the whole day we didn’t get more than two run each at Thor’s Hammer.  The heat and breaking for lunch kept us from more pitches.  Well that and the gate for the Castle road closingat 4:45.

Keep your eyes peeled in the future for a Mike D lead of Thor’s Hammer!