Website Back Up

My website is back up!  After about two weeks of playing around with it I’ve put my site back online.  If you care to know I upgraded from Joomla! 1.0 to 1.5  While this doesn’t sound like much, the newer version is much different and took a little bit of work to install.  Luckily Dreamhost, my host provider, made it pretty painless.  The bulk of the work was picking a new theme for the site and tweaking it to fit my needs.

In the process of the upgrade I made a change to the way the URLs will appear.  They are much more friendly now.  You’ll see that to get to all my posts, you’d just have to go to  Much more intuitive than before.  Unfortunately because of this upgrade a lot of the links I made in previous posts to my galleries wont work.  I went through all my posts to update at least all the main links to the associated galleries.  But I did not have time to go in a correct every link within the text.  You’ll just have to deal with it!

Let me know how you like the new site with the voting buttons on the right.  And of course if you find something, aside from the gallery link problem above, feel free to contact me.  Happy New Year!