Ice Racing Feb 7, 2010

Chrystal and me headed up to Newfound Lake on Feb. 7, 2010 for another Boston BMW Club ice race.  We had lots of fun last year so we thought we’d give it a go again.  Our thought was that because of the snow, and more importantly, the lack of rain that we’d get a nice snowy lack to rip up.  Unfortunately that was not the case.  

After staying at my parents house Saturday we arrived to Bristol, NH and saw that not only was the lake just as smooth and glassy as last year, there weren’t even any snow banks outlining the course!

With the parade lap we figured out that when there aren’t any borders to the course the organizers keep it simple, really simple.  The course was only a right handed loop.  Essentially out straight to the first cones, then sharp right.  Straighten out again to come back then slow way down for a tight right sweeper.  In all it was disappointing for a course.  I guess maybe there’s just not much they can do when the ice is like glass, but it still was a little disappointing.

Luckily the practice course was available again.  This course was even bigger than the timed course.  With my iPhone I was able to get two GPS tracks from Chrystal and I.

On this course we were able to build up a bit more speed but still not too much.  There is just no way to turn without the right tires!  Even so we had fun sliding helplessly  especially at the finish.

For the actual timed runs I’m not really sure where we finished up.  Similar to last year, and many other years, it looks like the results don’t get posted.  However, I do have a good idea of our times, within a second or so because I took video of our runs on my phone.  So for the first time checkout the gallery link below to go to the pictures and video!  Be sure to check out the picture of the huge Caddy that showed up.  This thing must have been over 20 feet long!  And it had homemade studded tires.  This thing kicked ass on the course!  I wish I had caught it on video.

Chrystal Run 1 95 sec
Chrystal Run 2 92 sec
Chrystal Run 3 91 sec
Pete Run 1 102 sec
Pete Run 2 72 sec
Pete Run 3 71 sec
Pete Re-Run 3 70 sec


Pictures and Video