Gunks July 17-18

The weekend of July 10-11 I was supposed to travel to the Gunks with Chrystal for someAndrew on Strickly from Nowhere climbing. Unfortunately weather didn’t look good and Chrystal had some work stuff pop up late Friday afternoon. We rescheduled for the next weekend, July 17-18. Another friend from Sikorsky, Andrew Brookhart, also committed to the trip for that weekend. Chrystal’s work responsibilities once again cropped up Friday afternoon and she had to cancel, leaving just Andrew and myself. We traveled up Friday after work.


The accomidations were meager, Camp Slime. The weather was hot 93-94 degrees. Humidity was high with mid-day dewpoints in the high 50’s and low 60’s. The sun was bright. Despite all this Andrew and me had a great time climbing. This was my second time to the Gunks as the leader and rather than doing climbs I already knew I did mostly stuff I never had done before. Here’s what the weekend consisted of:


  1. Ursula (5.5), both pitches
  2. In the Groove (5.6), both pitches but done in a single.
  3. 50-50 (5.5), both pitches
  1. Strickly from Nowhere (5.7) P1 and P2
  2. Traverse the GT Ledge to Shockley’s Ceiling (5.6) P3