2012-06-16 thru 17 Rumney

I’m too busy to write a full post about my trip to Rumney with Jesse and Adrien, so here’s a few highlights.

  • Camp at D’Acres.
  • Sent Social Outcast (5.12a) first try!  Awesome stream of beta from Jesse got me through.
  • Sent Orangahang (5.12a) second try.  Super pumpy!
  • Jesse still working on 5.13 projects…
  • Flesh for Lulu practice, still didn’t get it.
  • Jesse’s birthday on Saturday and awesome meal.
  • Still working on Flesh, grrr.
  • Jesse sends Big Kahuna (5.13a).  Starts working on a new one.
  • Adrien and I work Good Earth (5.12c).  We both do all the moves but with 3-4 falls.
  • Nice dip in the river before going home.