Eastcoaster UT Ski Visit

Three East Coasters living it up in Utah ski country.

March 1-3, 2013

Last weekend I had the very nice pleasure of hosting some friends from the East Coast.  While they claim it was to see me and catch up, I believe the odds they’d visit me in Kansas would be pretty low.  Of course the big draw in the winter in Salt Lake for tourists is the ski resorts.  There’s plenty of them and they usually have some of the best snow around.  This year is a little light on snow, but not terrible.

Lot’s of stories could be told but they would take far too long to write and probably wouldn’t be very interesting to read, at least coming from me.  Seeing Eric, Jon, Christina, and Dave was great.  They are the first of my back east friends to come out and it was nice catching up and having some laughs over food, beer, and on the slopes.  Definitely a good bunch of friends.

Being able to get out on the slopes and keep up with them was a nice surprise for me.  While they probably don’t hold up to “BD Ski Athlete” aka sub-Olympic standards, they are all fairly good skiers, especially since all but Dave are East Coast natives.  I had gotten out a bit earlier this year to remember how to ski, it certainly helped.  It also helped to be getting out with some friends who could push me to work to keep up.  I was able to do basically all the same terrain as they did, though bumps are not my forte at this point.  Need to learn how to huck as well so I can clear the scratchy rock stuff at the top of the chutes.