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Dirtbag Visit to Utah

Catching some speed to roll through the next bit.

October 26 & 27, 2013

Drew and Carly came to visit me in Utah and enjoy their recent entrance to the dirtbag lifestyle.  While they aren’t travelling the country for climbing destinations as I would be in their place, they are out travelling, living, hiking, biking, and just enjoying life.

I found a good BLM campground about 10 miles from Moab and gave them the info to meet me there.  It turned out to be a little difficult to find especially at midnight like when they rolled in.  The campground is the last one on the 10 mile dirt road.  While there’s nothing too tricky to cross there are two stream crossings which I wasn’t sure Drew would be able to get through because of his trailer.  Everything turned out fine and they finally made it to my site around 1am.

Saturday we headed, late, into town to figure out some mtn biking, which Moab has plenty of.  Moab could be compared to Yosemite as far as their respective sport meccas go.  We found a decent trail with the help of a bike shop and had a fun ride.  Well mostly, Carly had some technical difficulties and she wasn’t able to experience a bunch of the trail.  Next time right!

Rolling terrain on the return stretch of trail.

This was my first time actually mtn biking in a long time, probably since high school.  Bikes have changed a lot since then and they are quite fun and comfortable.  I was able to borrow my buddy Matt’s and it was plush.  I was able to roll through stuff and at speeds I would never have thought possible back when I was on my red GT hardtail.

Strange lanscape mixes.

Sunday we enjoyed a little bit of climbing and normal tourist sightseeing in Arches National Park.  As usual the desert landscape didn’t disappoint.  It wasn’t hard to understand why it is a National Park.  Delicate Arch is well worth the hike out, despite the large numbers of people.  Truly a Martian landscape!

Hope you guys can come back soon.

Mtn Biking

Arches National Park