2020-04 COVID-19 Part 2

The days and weeks all sort of meld together. Our routine is pretty similar day-to-day. The only variation is food and perhaps our workout routine. Work, switch midday for who gets the nicer desk, eat, graze, etc. Saturday morning, a lap on Grandeur Peak, a 3200′ hike 3 miles from our doorstep. Miscellaneous house things. It all blends together.

One thing I have considered lately is that these restrictions on normal life seem like a burden and that they are stifling. However, I think this perspective is born from having a healthy dose of privilege to this point. I can imagine that even this restrictive circumstance we find ourselves in is enviable for less fortunate people in the world, pandemic or no. So look on the bright side, things could be much worse, and are for many people out there.