Cat's Hole Climbing

Spring looks like it is upon us.  A forecast of mid-forties for the next week at least kind of lends credence to my claim at least.  Of course there is always the chance of the late season snow storm (remember mid -May 2002?). 
So since the nice weather has started to descend my buddies Mike D and Jesse went out for a little climbing today at Cat’s Hole in Meriden.  This place is actually less than 10 miles from their house.  We were accompanied with some friends of Mike and Jesse’s roommate, Mark.  We set two ropes up and Mike and Brian gave some lead a try.  Unfortunately the easier climb to lead on was super dirty and wasn’t really that good.  The other three routes (two off one rope) were fun.  There was a 5.8 called Pegasus I think.  I wasn’t thrilled with it until the top were it became a bit more fun.  The other route I climbed was a 5.10 called One Million Dead Dogs, uplifting name, eh?  Quote of the day, “razor crimps”, by Mike D on his description of OMDD.
I was really disappointed at the setup of the wall as it relates to photography.  The two ropes had no line of sight between them.  It turns out this wasn’t all bad because I totally spaced on bringing my nice new camera harness.  Oh well there is always next time.  Until then enjoy what I was able to get from the ground.