The AT, Rt. 341 to St. John's Ledges

After a late season Nor’Easter that dumped up to 8 inches of rain in parts of New England and New York over five days it was high time for the sun to come out and be nice.  The weekend of the 21st and 22nd just happened to be those days.  After mid-thirties temperatures during the week the the weekend turned into a gorgeous display of sun and mid-seventies breezes.
To take advantage of this I went on a hike with a couple co-workers, Ben and Eric, on the AT.  Earlier in the year I did the section south of this one.  You can check out those pictures in the gallery. This hike turned out to be much less strenuous due to the fact that there wasn’t any snow/ice.  As expected there was plenty of water which was nice for the streams.  The field that must be crossed at the start of the trail was a little water logged which required us to take a little detour around the wet sections, but nothing to bad.
As you can see in the pictures everything is still pretty brown and dead looking.  Since I’m writing this a few days later I have already noticed green things springing from the trees and ground.  I expect if I went back right now things would look a little nicer.  I’m looking forward to later in the year when I can do some overnights on these sections with the gear I picked up at EMS earlier in the day.