Pinnacle Rocks Climbing

As I mentioned in my AT, Rt. 341 to St. John’s Ledges write up, the weekend of the 21st and 22nd were amazing weather, especially since it came on the heels of a week of rain and low temps.  Mike D and I planned some climbing before buckling down and doing some fluids homework late in the day.  We joined by Ben, Irene, John, and Joel. 

I finally remembered to take my camera harness so I was able to climb up and take some pictures while on the wall.  I think the ones from that came out pretty good.  Because Pinnacle a is pretty small wall the shots from the top when I tied off to some trees also came out nice.  I’m getting more familiar with setting up the anchors so the next time I go out I’ve got some tricks planned for some even better shots.

The routes we did, First Crack, Second Crack and Third Crack (original, eh?), weren’t the best but they were fun.  I liked my last climb the best because it was in a corner crack that allowed me to layback on most of the holds.  The moves felt really good.

As you can see from some of the pictures Mike and Irene had their racks out for some fake then real leading.  At first we had Mike on lead belay and loose top rope belay.  He set gear all the way up and was clipped in.  Irene follow him to check his gear.  Later they switched it up.  After climbing the same route twice they went back and both did a real lead.  I also placed some gear but wasn’t on lead belay just top.  I’m hoping to give the trad climbing a try next time though.