Gordon and Lindsey's Wedding

Gordon and Lindsey
Married August 11, 2007 
Since these pictures don’t need to be public I’ve set a user name and password for access to the albums.  To get these you can contact me.  I’ll email you back as soon as I can with this info.  If you like you can pass the user name and password to other family members or friends.
Once I get back to you come back here and enter the user name and password on the main page of my site on the left.  After that you can go to the Gallery then to the Gordon and Lindsey’s Wedding Album near the bottom.  Or after you’ve signed in you can click here.
If you would like a larger resolution file of anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me with the file name of the one(s) you want. If you would prefer I can also get professional prints made for a very reasonable cost.