Two Trips to Ragged Mtn. Late August and Early September '07

Paul, Lauren and I took a couple trips to Ragged at the end of August and the beginning of September.  The two trips turned out to be some of the harder stuff I’ve done in a while.  I did better than I thought since most of the stuff we climbed was in the 5.9+ and 5.10+ range.

Paul did some sweet lead climbing on Subline (5.11-).  No problems at all!  

All the shots I got on his climb were from my static line I threw down adjacent to the route.  Paul brought his ascenders for me to use.  The sun was just starting to come around the cliff so Paul had to start without really showing me how to use them.  While keeping a watchful eye on Paul, Lauren was able to describe how to use them and I followed next to Paul.  Ascending is way harder than I thought.  I think it just takes a little practice to make it easier though.  We’ll see next time.

Pictures are here.