Beginner Climbing Day 2009

Finally Lauren, Ben, Mike D and myself were able to coordinate a beginner day like we did back in 2007.  About 10-12 people came out for a day of sun and seasonablly warm (hot even!) temperatures at Ragged’s Main Cliff.  The day started with Lauren, Ben, Eric and I setting anchors on the Wiessner Slab (5.3-5.6), Wet Wall (5.6), Vector (5.8) and Broadway (5.8).  A little later Mike D added Main Street (5.4) into the mix.  I think all the beginners were able to get some good time on the wall.   The day concluded at Forsberg’s house for some beer, hot dogs and burgers.  Good times.

Thanks to everyone who came out it was a lot of fun. Thanks to Dave for coming through with the brews and the grill at the end of the day.