Recent Climbing and Hiking

I haven’t had too much time to post recently, though that doesn’t mean I’ve been all work and no play.  In the weeks since I posted last I’ve done some hiking and lots of climbing.  Usually it has been Friday night after work trips to the Gunks to camp.  Saturday we start the day early and climb all day.  We finish up by getting some food in New Paltz.  


The weekend I’m posting this, Labor Day weekend, on Sunday I met Mike D for some Ragged Mtn. climbing.  He hasn’t been out in a while so it was good to climb with him  I lead a linkup of Wetwall and Knight’s Gambit (5.7+), Broadway (5.8), and Wishbone (5.7).  We finished up around 1 o’clock and I headed out to Kent, CT for a solo hike on the AT.  Once in Kent I did a section from Rt. 55 to Mt Schaghticoke Campsite and back, which is about 7.6 miles.  I was happy that I didn’t have too much trouble Sunday, getting into camp around 8pm.  The next day I was able to cruise out in 3.5 hours.  


Here are the pictures from the various trips:

Gunks August 7, 2010

Gunks August 14, 2010

Gunks August 28. 2010

Solo AT Hike, Rt. 55 to Mt. Schaghticoke Campsite September 5-6, 2010

GPS Track