VT 23 Mile Hike

View from the firetower on top of Glastonbury Mtn.

For a while I’ve been wanting to do a challenging hike a bit longer than the usual 10-12 milers.  I recruited a few of my friends and we decided to do a late season Presidential Traverse.  Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, we weren’t able to make that happen.  So instead we did a 23 mile, two day hike in the Glastonbury Wilderness of Vermont.  The weather was spectacular.  I’m not one to throw around perfect around lightly but I’m not sure there could have been any better weather.  Mid/low 60’s with sun during the day.  Overnight we got a frost but it was ok.  The hike was great and I am very interested in doing more hikes in this mileage range.  The only downside was the dry weather kept the foliage from being as vibrant as it could have been.