2011-10-10 Dogsitting



For the last week I’ve been dogsitting Chrystal’s dog, Singer.  She and I have had a grand old time with walks, almost catching squirrels, and wrestling.  On Saturday I took her on a hike up near Bear Mtn. in Salisbury, CT.  We took the Undermountain Trail to Paradise Lane Trail which brought us to the summit of Bear Mtn via the AT.  Singer did a great job all day.  Always leading but never getting too far a head, even when I would take her off-leash.  The section up to the summit is quite rocky and steep but that didn’t slow her down, only I did.  She was a big hit with everyone on the trail too, especially with her little blue backpack for her food.

Tomorrow she get to see Chrystal for the first time in over two weeks!  I can’t wait for the reunion.