2012-04-15 Grilled Pizza

Saturday night we made some grilled pizza at the house.  My first attempt at grilled pizza last summer also included my first use of the instant pizza yeast which lead to a less than substantial dough.  After putting it on the grill with much difficulty I ended up having to fold it over in order to actually get it off the grill; effectively making a kind of calzone.

This next time around however I used some advice from Dave saying to spread out the dough, toss it on the grill sans toppings.  After a few minutes of getting the dough partially cooked, you bring it back inside and flip it over, putting the toppings on the “uncooked” side.  After topping it, put it back on the grill until done.  

The result with these steps was great.  The toppings were proscitto, fresh tomatoes, arugala, fresh mozzeralla, and carmelized onions.  A stellar combination in my opinion.