2012-04-09 Long Gunks Day

As described in an earlier post I had an extra long weekend for Easter weekend.  On Sunday I was kind of scrambling to find a partner for the Gunks.  My original partner bailed on me for Monday but I still had one for Sunday…or so I thought.  I was unable to get in touch with Chris Saturday or Sunday morning, so I called Eli.  He was totally down for climbing so I picked him up and we headed to New Paltz.  Because of our late start we didn’t get to climbing until 11:30 or so.  We headed to the Nears since neither he nor I had been there in a while.  Being the first Gunks trip of the season for the both of us we decided not to try and crush but to just get our Gunks feet back under us.  We had a great day and got more pitches than I’ve probably ever climbed in a day, period.  We did go until after dark but in 7.5 hours of climbing, including lunch break, we got 14 pitches in.  Here’s our rundown.

  • P1 – Disneyland (5.6)
  • P2 – Farewell to Arms (5.7)
  • P3-4 Birdland (5.8)
  • P5-6 Inverted Layback (5.9)
  • P7-8 Alphonse (5.8)
  • P9-11 Grand Central (5.9)
  • P12-14 Yellow Ridge (5.7+)