2012-10-04 West Slabs of Mt. Olympus

Today after work me the QA engineer I’m working with on my first projects at BD and a few other BD people did the West Slabs (5.4) on Mt. Olympus.  Again I was sucking wind and at the back of the pack on the uphill.  I was really pushing to keep up too.  Hopefully this will get easier and easier as time goes on.  Anyway after getting to the base of the slabs we put on our climbing shoes and headed up.  The route is pretty sweet.  Pretty much a choose your own adventure type of climb.  Since it was easy we all solo’ed with got us to the top in less than an hour.  Not bad for about 1,000 feet of vert.  We enjoyed the setting sun and a PBR at the top.  Yeah a PBR, not the finest brew in the land, but it was tasty on the summit.  Car to car we were three hours.