Misc Climbing in Little Cottonwood

So haven’t been doing much in the way of big trips since Alaska.  Just enjoying the warm, sometimes overly warm, weather.  Mainly I’ve gone climbing in the Cottonwoods, though there was one trip up to the City of Rocks which was fun.  Here’s a couple shots from this weekend.

Matt’s version of running it out.

Today I was belaying my buddy Mark on a project of his called Coffin Roof, which goes as 5.12.  It is a brutally difficult 5.12.  The difficulty is only about 12 feet long but it is overhanging finger locks with no feet going into hand jams with no feet.  I just missed an amazing shot of Mark hanging from one hand jam and no feet while going for his next piece of gear.

Mark getting psyched to head into Coffin Roof (5.12).
People climb this?
This shot just missed the awesome single hand jam and no feet shot. Mark’s just got a cam from his harness and is placing it here. Though the rope is snug he is not hanging from the rope, just a single hand jam.

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I did not free climb it. I aided through it, meaning I used the pieces Mark placed and clipped directly into them and pulled/stood up on them to get passed the hardest stuff.