Thanksgiving 2014

Another sunset on the walk out.
Another sunset on the walk out.

November 25-30, 2014

I once again traveled to Red Rocks for Thanksgiving.  Just like last time the shit show went on.  This time it was a full campground and a crazy girl who brought her house cat on a 2 month road trip who let us stay at her campsite for a night.  After the next day when her cat didn’t return (she left it to run free at the campground) she told us we must leave because the cat was scared of us and wouldn’t come back.  Or a more plausible explanation is that you cat got eaten by one of the dozens of dogs in camp or perhaps a coyote.  Either way I’m sorry she couldn’t find her cat, but she was loopy to think that bringing it to Red Rocks and roam free was a good idea.

Moving along to the climbing.  Climbing was good.  Got some fun routes in but my head was all screwed up and I didn’t do much leading.  Need to get back out more and fix that.

Ticklist for the weekend:

Wholesome Full Back (5.10), Our Father (5.10+)

Rock Warrior (5.10)

Triassic Sands (5.10), Sandblast (5.10-)

Ginger Cracks (5.9)

Misc Calico Basin stuff.