Tingy’s Terror with Carly

Not many hand or feet on this pitch.

May 3, 2015

Today Carly and I headed up Little Cottonwood to get a little pseudo-alpine climbing in.  We stuck to some pretty moderate lines but still had a lot of fun.  Our day was Tarzan to Tingy’s Terror, both 5.7s.  Tingy’s is about 5 pitches or so.  We did Tarzan as one pitch and Tingy’s as 4 pitches.  We got a decent jump on the day and started from the car at 9am.  This turned out to be good because as we got to the top of our climb we could see some dark clouds coming over the Oquirrhs (not a typo, pronounced like ochre).  Luckily the rain stayed down in the valley and it only dripped few drops while we were walking out.  Fun times on a good climb.  Though the slab at the top of P4 got my attention, perhaps mainly because I decided to make it harder for no reason.