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2015 Memorial Day Weekend in Red Rocks


May 22-25, 2015

The week before Memorial Day I was in Baltimore for a conference on composites.  I returned late Thursday night and had pre-arranged to take Friday off of work.  Carly luckily had her 9-80 Friday off on that day as well.  We had hoped to go to Colorado to visit with Dave, Phyli and friends, but wet and cold weather plagued the entire West Coast.  Steamboat was forecasted to be in the 40’s and rainy, not much fun.  The Denver crew decided to bail and so Carly and I made a decision to head towards Red Rocks as it was the only place that potentially didn’t have 50% chance of showers.

We decided to stay at the primitive camping area I found during the last time I was in Red Rocks.  This turned out to be really nice as we didn’t see anyone else camping nearby.  While the drive to RR loop road is 30 minutes or more from the camping, it allowed us to access some of the southern end climbing much easier.  Since we figured there would be a lot of people around for Memorial Day we decided to hit lesser known crags and it worked well for us as we didn’t see any other climbers on the two days we climbed.

Unfortunately the rain even got to Las Vegas and we had it rain fairly heavy over Saturday and Sunday nights.  Sunday we got rained off of a climb and ended up heading back to camp and having some beers and playing on the slackline.

While it wasn’t a super productive weekend climbing the routes we did on Saturday were quite good and I had a blast climbing with Carly.