Bozeman Icefest 2019

December 11-15, 2019

Yet again the Bozeman Icefest and Hyalite delivers. Unlike the last couple of years I was part of a much smaller team at the fest. This allowed more climbing and better rest (at least excluding Saturday night) after working the Blue Ice table. Nate and I were on our own for the first couple days and got some great climbing in. The first day of the fest we climbed Dribbles (WI4) with Doug and helped with the avy forecast. Doug is always a great time and bring able to do a classic route with no wait AND get to help out with the avy work was a pleasure.

Nate and I heard that Mummy 3 and 4 were in great shape so we chugged on up there to check them out. At the base we met a local Matt, who was showing around a guest from France. Matt turned out to be a great person to have met as he helped us out in with shuttling us around so that we could get back to the Emerson a day or two later.

Mummy 3 was almost boring given the amount of ice on it. It turned out to be a bit more thoughtful than it looked from below since the ice was thin in spots. Mummy 4 however was the real deal. Nate lead it really well, great protection and pacing the whole way. It was in WI6 conditions in my opinion.

The rest of the fest went well and got some more climbing in. We were also able to connect with Corey for a great evening of dinner and conversation. Corey wasn’t the only reconnection I had in Bozeman as I was able to see some SLC folks as well as others that aren’t always around. Once again Hyalite provides. I’m looking forward to next year when I can go unaffiliated.