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2021-07-05 Fins

After hiking Borah we headed over to the Fins a little more than an hour away. The Fins are a relatively high elevation limestone crag at the tip of the Lost River Range in Idaho. We didn’t budget too much time for climbing on this long weekend trip, but we were able to get a half day in on Sunday. Though we’d planned to climb on Monday before going home, this particular area isn’t good for climbing in the morning unless it is cold out. The cliffs, quite accurately called fins, are east facing and on a largely treeless slope. Instead of climbing Monday we walked up the road to see how bad it was (not something I’d take the van on) and to get a look at the upper camping zone which has shade.

It was a pretty cool spot, though I’m not sure how much we will climb here unless we have a vehicle with a low range 4×4 to get up the steep and loose hill to the upper area.