Nature & Hiking

Bryce Canyon National Park

May 9-10, 2015 Weather in Utah has been uncharacteristically rainy here in Utah for the last few weeks.  The last few weekends have been rainy or threatened rain.  This weekend and the coming week are forecasted for more of the same.  The precipitation isn’t all bad, though since we got very little snow over the […]

Climbing Nature & Hiking

K-Bone Memorial Shitter Construction

November 1-2, 2014 Last weekend Carly, myself, a whole crew of BD folks, and Bozemanites traveled to Indian Creek to construct a toilet, or more appropriately a shitter.  Indian Creek’s campgrounds are fairly minimalistic and they don’t have many toilets.  Superbowl Campground only had one for instance.  After the passing of Kevin “K-Bone” Volkening last year in a […]

Nature & Hiking Photography

Zion National Park

September 28-29, 2013 I guess I never posted these pictures.  Things must have gotten busy and forgot to. Aaron and I headed to Zion for some climbing but the trip turned out quite differently that we expected.  We needed to get more proficient in aiding before attempting our objective.  Instead we just enjoyed one of […]