2017-06-04 Uintas Skiing to Escape the Heat

June 4, 2017 Today Carly and a couple of her friends from her MBA program escaped the heat of the valley–currently sitting at approximately 93°F here in SLC–for a morning of spring skiing in the Uintas.  I haven’t done much spring skiing so Carly and I were potentially under prepared without crampons or a piolet. […]

Nature & Hiking

Wet Weather in Salt Lake City

May 17, 2015 Though things seem to have returned to normal, back in late April through Memorial Day we’ve had some really wet weather in Salt Lake City.  While no records were broken there were many, many days we had rain, clouds, or drizzle.  The persistent rain was really a bummer for climbing opportunities, but […]


Utah Weather Update

April 14-16, 2015 The afternoon of April 14 we had a cold front move through the state and generate some pretty crazy weather.  Dust from the many large dry lake beds was whipped up in the winds which gusted to 90 mph in some of the canyons.  Because of the crappy air quality in the […]


Late Season Ice

March 15, 2015 About a month ago I was on my way up to Snowbird to enjoy some of the fruits of what the lowest snow year on record has to offer and I spied some low angled ice up Little Cottonwood.  The next day Aaron and I headed over and climbed it for a […]

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Carly’s First Visit to City of Rocks

May 17-18, 2014 After Carly’s GMAT exam on Saturday we headed to the City of Rocks.  Being less than 3 hours away it is a very doable trip mid way through the day Saturday for a weekend excursion.  We headed out after lunch and were at Parking Lot Rock around 4.  We didn’t get a […]