2012-03-25 New Camera

Just a quick post to mention there is a new photographic tool in my quiver.  After many frustrating climbs lugging around my 3-4 lb setup of the Canon 50D and Sigma 17-70mm I decided about a month back to get a smaller, point and shoot style camera.  Being partial to Canon both the S90/S95 and the G12 were attractive options.  These P&S cameras are the top of the Canon line.  They have manual focus, exposure, shutter speed, aperture, and most importantly shoot RAW.  I picked up a G12 used from and got a great deal.  While “used” it was just like my other major purchases from there, absolutely spotless and indistinguishable from new.

I’ve already been able to use it on a trip, the Washington trip from a few weeks ago was the first test.  The conditions weren’t perfect and the camera function flawlessly; small, easy, light.  I was able to quickly get it out of its small case and snap a few shots and then back into the pouch.  Snow and cold didn’t cause any problems.  I’m looking forward to using it more on the rock this season.  Speaking of which, the orange and white loops on the camera are to make it easier to put away and to clip securely while dangling a couple hundred feet off the ground.  Don’t dispare, the G12 won’t be replacing my 50D full time, just during high angle work or on trips where weight and bulk are an issue.