Lone Peak Sunday Shot

Wildflowers on the hike up to Lone Peak Cirque. This alpine nugget is only 20 minutes on the highway and another 20 minutes on a dirt road from Salt Lake City.

July 21, 2013

Lone Peak is a cirque not far from Salt Lake, only 20 minutes by highway and another 20 by dirt road.  The place is really beautiful and has some awesome climbing.  The only trick is that there are 5.1 miles of hiking and 4500′ of elevation to get through before being able to climb.  (Edit 2014-07-07:  GPS data from my new watch indicates ~6.2 miles when elevation is considered and 5.4 miles without.  Still 4500′ of gain from trailhead to base of cirque.)  Sunday I did this with my friend Joe who I went to the Perch with.  I was a little hesitant as my knees have been acting up for the last month or two.  It turns out they are feeling much better and we had a fun day of climbing and plenty of hiking.

Sorry for the slightly lower quality pics, my G12 is still being repaired and so I’m left with the iPhone for these sort of trips.  The dSLR is too much for this kind of thing.