2021-05-29 thru 31 Maple Canyon

For this Memorial Day we traveled to Maple Canyon for some sport climbing and to hang with our friends, Dana, Ember, Jeremy, Lindsey and John. The weather was pretty fantastic, though a little chilly during the night for this time of year. Although, at the recommendation of Dana and Jeremy we went to the top of Maple Canyon to camp rather than in the canyon itself. At an elevation of 7700′ where we camped, it cooled off quickly when the sun disappeared but the sky was still clear.

We didn’t have big objectives for the weekend just to get some pitches in and enjoy ourselves. For the most part the mission was accomplished. It was a cool experience camping up in the sub-alpine zone at the top of the Right Fork. The views were also awesome. The landscape of Maple Canyon is amazing. The labyrinth of walls can only be appreciated with some elevation.

Aside from visit a bunch of new crags for me, we were able to do a three pitch route which got us to the top of a feature for some awesome views.