Climbing Nature & Hiking

2021-07-05 Fins

After hiking Borah we headed over to the Fins a little more than an hour away. The Fins are a relatively high elevation limestone crag at the tip of the Lost River Range in Idaho. We didn’t budget too much time for climbing on this long weekend trip, but we were able to get a […]

Nature & Hiking

2021-07-02 thru 04 Borah Peak

The weather in the general area around SLC for the 4th of July was on the difficult side. Many of the mountain areas had typical July forecasts, chance of showers or thunderstorms. The likelihood in areas like the Tetons, Winds, etc all were enough that there would definitely be some kind of weather, but it’d […]

Motorcycling Nature & Hiking

2021-06-26 thru 27 Uintas Solo Ride

I took a solo ride into the Uintas to check out some areas I hadn’t been before and get some running in at altitude and at cooler temps than here in Salt Lake. It was a short trip, not much more than 24 hours. I ran up Iron Mine Mountain, via a non-existent trail according […]

Motorcycling Travel

2021-06-11 thru 13 Adventure Ride thru Unitas and Dinosaur National Monument

Andreas reached out to me last week and wanted to know if I wanted to join him on a three day adventure ride starting from SLC heading up into the north side of the Uintas then meandering towards Vernal, UT then striking out towards and through Dinosaur National Monument then hooking back to SLC on […]


2021-05-29 thru 31 Maple Canyon

For this Memorial Day we traveled to Maple Canyon for some sport climbing and to hang with our friends, Dana, Ember, Jeremy, Lindsey and John. The weather was pretty fantastic, though a little chilly during the night for this time of year. Although, at the recommendation of Dana and Jeremy we went to the top […]