Climbing Motorcycling

2023-08-26 and 27 Transcontinental RR and City of Rocks

Carly was off doing her own thing so I decided to do a moto/climb weekend. Andreas and Kasi were headed to the City of Rocks so I decided to meet them up there, but go on a circuitous route to get there. There’s a route I’ve wanted to do that goes west to Wendover and […]

Motorcycling Nature & Hiking

2021-06-26 thru 27 Uintas Solo Ride

I took a solo ride into the Uintas to check out some areas I hadn’t been before and get some running in at altitude and at cooler temps than here in Salt Lake. It was a short trip, not much more than 24 hours. I ran up Iron Mine Mountain, via a non-existent trail according […]


2018-06-24 thru 25 Moto w-Andreas

June 24-25, 2018 Andreas and I went out for a weekend ride a couple weeks back.  This was actually the first time I’ve gone overnight with the motorcycle so it was nice.  We took a pretty circuitous route around the eastern side of the state.  The variation in Utah’s scenery was the highlight.  Barren deserts, […]


Fall Ride with Matt

September 24, 2016 Got out for a great ride yesterday with Matt.  We were supposed to be a trio but Andrew got scared away by the rain in the morning.  We pushed our start time until just before lunch to give things a chance to dry out.  We made the right decision and had a […]